While configuring dot cover in VSTS, Unable to find the TargetArguments path


I have installed Resharper command line in my build server, And I added command line task in my VSTS build profile like below:


In my project, we are using Xunit test project, So here my main concern with target executable path. I tried installing Xunit as it is VS extenstion. But how can I use Xunit as target executable.

Following is the command line i want to use:

 dotcover analyse  /TargetExecutable={Path to Xunit}"   /TargetArguments= $(Build.SourcesDirectory)+"\xxxxxx.AD.UnitTest\bin\Release\VonExpy.AD.UnitTest.dll"   /Output="AppCoverageReport.html"   /ReportType="HTML"



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Hi Hari,

You should add a NuGet package named xunit.runner.console to your solution http://xunit.github.io/docs/getting-started-desktop#add-xunit-runner-ref, this will add a console runner in your solution folder, and you will be able to use it as a target executable.


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