Collect a remote memory profile file WITHOUT string (eg. 'possibly sensitive') data

dotMemory is a wonderful application to find local issues. However, I would like to use it now to diagnosis a production memory leak. As the production server is restricted, it is not possible to obtain remote network access and the snapshot must be collected via the dotMemory console tools or windows memory dump and exported.

Since the export would be moving data back to a 'developer' machine there are various policies and restrictions on what kind of data can be moved out of the data-centers. (There will need to be an exemption either way, but this may make the process easier..)

So the question is:

Is it possible to create a dotMemory profile/dump file (or, less desirably, a windows memory dump) that does NOT contain 'possibly sensitive' data, such as the content of strings?

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Unfortunately, it's not possible now.

We've created a feature request: You're welcome to comment or vote for it.

Could you please describe what else do you want to exclude besides the string values?


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