DotMemory self profiling hangs

In a C++/CLI application, I have referenced the SelfApi dll, created an instance of SaveSnapshotProfilingConfig
and tried to invoke SelfAttach.Attach with the instance of SaveSnapshotProfilingConfig.

SaveSnapshotProfilingConfig^ setting = 
gcnew SaveSnapshotProfilingConfig();

setting->ProfilingControlKind = ProfilingControlKind::Api;
setting->SaveDir = "C:\\Temp";
setting->RedistDir = "C:\\ProfilerSDK";
setting->ProfilingType = ProfilingType::Memory;
setting->ListFile = "C:\\snapshot_list.xml"; 

But the application hangs/ Attach method waits indefinitely. 
Please help.

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Could you please create project sample for us? You can download it to our ftp server or attach to support ticket.


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