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I have an MVC application. When I am debugging with VS I set the website to be my target project and then hit F5. This starts an IIS Express process. Then I "execute" an HTML file that submits various requests to the IIS instance (something like http://localhost:<port>/..... If I have break points set in my application then get hit and I can do debugging. I want to do the same thing with dotTrace (but mainly start a profiler). The problem is that first), I don't know if this is an IIS Express application. If it is there seems to be three different ways of specifying the application path. I have tried basically all three and dotTrace just puts out a message box that it is waiting for a managed process to start. I am not sure if I just need to be patient or if I need to specify some other configuration. For example I specify an application path (which is really the bin folder for the application) then I hit "Run". It seems that things start but I don't get any results. Ideas?

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Hello Kevin,

"Waiting for a managed process" means that managed part of application is not started yet.

You can debug your IIS Express application while profiling via dotTrace:

- Finish all debug sessions and close IIS Express

- Launch IIS Express via dotTrace (Local | IIS Express)

- Attach to IIS express from Visual Studio (Debug | Attach to process)

- Start managed code (e.g. open your web site in browser)

Profiling session should pick up your application after the last step.


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