dotMemory Snapshot Fails When Private Bytes > ~25GB

I have relocated the core temp and working directory to a drive with plenty of space as previously it was failing while taking the snapshot, now I continually have issues while it tries to process the snapshot.  It appears to be running out of memory which is unfortunate since I need the snapshot from a machine that is low on memory to see where the issue lies.  Furthermore I do not see the capability to take a snapshot/analyze a dump file so I cannot do it offline either (and remote options are limited being in a production data center).

One issue was the entire app hung, other was it stopped having lost CLR4 profiler connectivity and a few other seemingly random issues.  Is this a fundamental limitation or am I missing something that would allow me to perform this type of snapshot?

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Hello Gabe,

Please check that NTFS compression in not enabled for core temp and working directory:

What is the size of swap file on the computer where profiled application is running? dotMemory uses a lot of RAM to snapshot processing if snapshot contains a large objects count. Thus, out of memory may occur even if temp and working directory was relocated.

Also could you please attach dotMemory screenshot when out of memory issue occurs?

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