Obtaining code difference of two versions of a bin folder

Hey, Im using dotpeek to keep track of development of a game to see if theres hints of new features to be added or see how existing ones are implemented (game is in early stages so code isnt obfuscated yet) just because im interested.
So, after every update or patch I go through the disassembled dll's (all in a bin folder) and see if theres anything new.

To make this easier, I could use an utility that lets me find the chunks of code that have changed since the last time all the dll's updated. (I could save the bin from previous update, or I could save some processed files from dotpeek, not sure how it would work).
So instead of going through the entire codebase (and probably missing stuff and forgetting what was already there), I would easily see everything that changed.

Since im not very experienced with dotpeek and how it works, does anyone have any pointers for how I could do something like this?

Dotpeek itself didnt seem to have such functionality. Maybe it will in the future (could be useful, consider this a suggestion as well).

It would have to be relatively quick and easy to use. What I basically have is a bin folder with a dozen of dll's (and an exe I think). I dont need to track all (would be nice though), If I can track one dll only it would be ok. (so if there is some per-dll work that needs to be done to track it, its fine)

Im not asking you to code me a tool to do all this automatically, just want to know if there is something I dont know about that could help (and post this to suggest addition of a feature like this :p)

If I were to do this right now with the current knowledge I have, I would use the 'export to project' feature for each dll I want to track (which I assume creates a VS project) and then find a tool that can find difference between two VS C# projects (which seem to exist)

I dont need a line-by-line difference, finding files which have changed would be enough.

So, to summarize:
-Need to track disassembled version of only one dll in a bin folder, all dozen dlls would be better
-Need to only know which ones changed, line by line diff would be better (Eg A date-last-changed thing would do, like I have with windows explorer when it comes to the actual content files)
-Being quick to use has priority over capabilities


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Hello there! 

I'm happy to announce that comparing assemblies feature s available in dotPeek and R# from the version 2023.2. It is also possible to compare NuGet packages, folders, and .zip files starting the version 2023.3. 

Feel free to try it out! 



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