Failed to verify x64 COM object registration using DotCover Command Line 10.0.2 from TFS 2015 Build


Very similar issue to this one...

But...this issue does not seem to be linked to NUnit, as I have the same error message using MSTest, but ONLY when executed from a TFS 2015 Build.  From the command prompt on the server it's ok.

The error in the logfile is...

11:57:25.976 |I| CoverageSession#0 | LauncherCancelled exception recieved. Cancelling session. Exception's message: Operation was canceled by user. See below for more details:

Failed to verify x64 COM object registration: The system cannot find the file specified. (configuration id: '')

The command I am running is...

D:\Tools\DotCover\dotcover.exe analyse /TargetExecutable="C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\Common7\IDE\MsTest.exe" /TargetArguments="/testcontainer:D:\Tools\DotCover\Analyse\MyTestApp.dll /category:Unit" /TargetWorkingDir="D:\Tools\DotCover\Analyse" /Output="D:\Tools\DotCover\Analyse\report.xml" /ReportType="XML" /LogFile="D:\Tools\DotCover\Analyse\analyse.log"

After the error above (actually a warning in the logs), DotCover fails to create any snapshots and causes the build to fail.


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