Filter on Calls in Sampling Mode?



I am learning dotTrace and I have been enjoying it so far.  One question I do have is how do I separate out the calls to a method?

Let's say I have a method GetData that gets called twice.  The first time takes 500ms and the second time takes 50.  I would like to see each call and explore the metrics within each.  Currently it appears that both calls get lumped into the same batch in Sampling mode.

I see that the calls are separate in Timeline, but there I do not get the subsystem breakdown that I do in Sampling.

Thank you,



Hi Michael,


If both calls of GetData method are located in the same place of call tree then you can't separate the calls in Sampling mode. You're right, you can do this in Timeline profiling mode, but there are no subsystems. We are currently working on subsystems in Timeline, they will be available in 2016.2 release.


Awesome!  Problem solved, then. :)  Really impressed with this product, regardless.  Very happy with my R# Ultimate Subscription!


Thank you, Michael! We glad to hear it!


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