Profiling WCF hosted in IIS - No Data. Services fail

I have a few WCF services hosted in IIS. They are accessed though an API project that is also hosted in the same IIS instance. When I try and run the dotTrace profiler It will start up a w3wp.exe process for the service, but when I try and hit the service though the API project, it throws a 500 error. I manually go though and click Browse Site in IIS on the services we have, and dotTrace will show those processes, but no data is profiled and whenever I try and use the site, it still throws 500 errors saying that net.TCP connection doesn't exist. Thoughts on how to solve this? Is it not possible to profile hosted WCF services using net.TCP connections?

Using dotTrace 10.0.2

IIS 8.5.9600.16384 on Windows Server 2012 R2

I saw another post that stated the windows features "HTTP Activation" and Non-HTTP Activation" should be selected for .Net Framework Features 3.5 and 4.5. I have all the features installed on .Net 4.5 since our application uses 4.5. Nothing is selected on 3.5 (again because our application doesn't use 3.5).


Oh, and I'm trying to do line by line profiling. I know the methods that are the hottest, just need to figure out what portion of that method is the slowest.


Hi Joel,

Could you please check if it works fine in "Tracing" profiling mode?


Hey Konstantin,

It will work if I attach to an already running service. Selecting just IIS it will not. Any special settings I need to be aware of?



No, there are no any special settings. Could you also check the "Sampling" profiling mode (not attach)? And please check that all necessary IIS application pools are started because dotTrace restarts IIS service before profiling.

For further assistance I suggest to create a support ticket ("Submit a Request" button on the top of this page).


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