IIS Express for x86 applications in Visual Studio

Hi. I'm trying to profile an ASP.net MVC application in IIS Express, that runs in x86 mode. This works fine if I go to Resharper > Profile > Run Startup Configuration Performance Profiling, check advanced, then switch to the 32 bit IIS Express.


That's quite a lot of steps to do every time, though, so I wanted to just be able to start it from the Performance Profiler window in Visual Studio. Unfortunately I can't find any way to do that, as from there, it insists on running the 64 bit IIS Express, which then fails to load the application (as it's 32 bit due to dependence on 32 bit Oracle libraries).


Is there any way to configure the Performance Profiler window's startup option to tell it which version of IIS Express I want, or do I have to do it the long way every time?



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Hi Chris,

Unfortunately for now there is no way to configure dotTrace to use 32 bit IIS Express by default, I'm sorry about that.
I've created an issue https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/PROF-472, you can vote for or follow it.

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I see. Thanks for that, I'll keep an eye on that issue. :)


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