ConsoleProfiler - No snapshots have been collected

I am trying to use the ConsoleProfiler, everything seems to be running fine but I get "No snapshots have been collected".

Console output:
C:\JetBrainsCLT>ConsoleProfiler.exe dotTrace_Config.xml snapshot.dtp
Console Profiler 2016.1 build 105.0.20160414.155338 Copyright (C) 2011-2015 JetBrains s.r.o.


Profiling is successfully finished in 60.906 seconds
No snapshots have been collected


<HostParameters type="LocalHostParameters" />
<Argument type="StandaloneArgument">
<Arguments IsNull="False">
<ProcessFilters />
<Info type="PerformanceInfo">
<SearchPaths />
<PatternFilters />
<DenyAttributeFilters />
<CoreOptions type="CoreOptions">
<CoreTempPath IsNull="False">
<HostOptions type="HostOptions">
<HostTempPath IsNull="False">


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Hi Jesse,


Could you please try to run console profiler with command line arguments instead of XML configuration file (like "ConsoleProfiler.exe /app=C:\Sourcecode\Project\bin\Debug\Test.exe /profiling_type=Sampling snapshot.dtp")? If it will not help, could you please create a support ticket ("Submit a request" button in the upper right corner)?


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