#225- Can't profile complex ASP.Net application

I have been able to profile an ASP.Net application - at least a simple form with a single button on it. I never realised just how much code is called just to click a button!

However when I navigate to our actual ASP.Net application aspnet_wp.exe and vbc.exe use some processor for a few seconds as they load up but IE never displays anything (the logo just continues to rotate).

Coming along nicely! :)



Sometimes asp application starts very slowly through profiling. Can you post more info? State of ProfilerController and etc.


Hi Mikhail,
I just loaded it up again to take some screen shots and it seems OK at the moment.

The symptoms were:
The controler has a green icon and says it's profiling.

I don't think the application is loading as there is no processor activity.

But, as I say, I can no longer repeat it.

Will keep u posted if I find out any more.

Best regards


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