Can I get coverage data for manual / GUI automated testing?

I need to be able to get code coverage data during automated regression testing (SilkTest). We test against a release build that is installed. i.e I'm not running unit tests or running from within Visual Studio.

I have tried to run dotcover from the console using the analyse command. I pass my executable, working dir, temp dir, and out put file name via an xml file. On the console I can see that a coverage session has started, and then finished. I can also see that some files are being written to my temp dir. However, when I close my app all the files are simply deleted, no output xml file is created and the console reports "No snapshots were created during coverage session".

Am I doing something wrong? Is this simply an unsupported usage of the tool?



Hello Brian,
Thank you for the feedback.
dotCover should handle this case.
The question is how do you close your app?
The behaviour described above is possible in case if you kill the process instead of graceful exit.


I'm just exiting via the apps main menu.


Could you please send me dotCover logs from %TEMP%/JetLogs folder to ruslan (dot) isakiev (at) jetbrains (dot) com?


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