Does dotCover work with Moles (test-runtime redirected mocking)?

Moles is from Microsoft Research and is available via a MSDN license. Moles works by

mocking otherwise unmockable methods, such as DateTime or WebClient so that code you write can end up using your mocks instead of the real thing.

However, this works by using a HostType in the unit test - which effectively runs it from another executable (after it runtime-builds the mocks and reroutes).

I notice that in this condition, dotCover does not show it was, in fact, run [for that matter normal debugging doesn't work either - as it is externally run].

Is there a way I can ensure coverage under these conditions?  When would you be able to provide a way to 'cover' Moles (runtime usage)?



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Hello Jim,
dotCover hasn't been tested with Moles framework yet.
I've filed an issue for this:
You are welcome to watch its status.


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