Visual Studio complete menu freeze.

I have been running a trial of Resharper successfully but soon after installing dotCover 1.0 I have experienced two complete freezes of all Visual Studio menus. By "freeze" I mean that no Visual Studio menu will drop down even though at the same time the editing windows are alive and I can right click for a menu.

So far during my trial of dotCover I have only tested it via Resharper executing unit tests direct from a source code edit window.

I should confess that the concept of unit test sessions confuses me and I have not taken advantage of the test session "lock" feature. So maybe these VS menu freezes are because Resharper or dotCover is expecting me to complete something?

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Thank you for the feedback.
This is a very interesting case.
Is it VS2010 or VS2008?
Have you experienced freezes after startup or after running unit tests under coverage?
And what do you mean by the unit test session 'lock' feature?


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