Using dotCover without Resharper

I have some tests written with MSTest and I have dotCover installed, but not Resharper. I would like to get coverage results when I run my tests with the built-in test runner in Visual Studio. I found a way to do this by choosing dotCover > Cover Application and choosing MSTest.exe as the application with the appropriate parameters (and selecting to cover child processes), but I was wondering if there's a way to run dotCover as I use the Visual Studio test runner. As it is, it's cumbersome to pick and choose which tests to run as part of the code coverage run.

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Hello Bernard,
Almost all features related to unit testing work in conjunction with ReSharper.
We have plans to supply dotCover with own test runner, but they are not for the nearest future.
If you use dotCover without ReSharper, the main way to run tests is to use "dotCover -> Cover Application" as you described above.


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