What does yellow highlighting mean (in TeamCity)?

Take this example of a TeamCity dotCover report. What does the yellow highlighting mean (and are there any other colours that are used)? I cannot find this info anywhere in the dotCover or TeamCity docs.


Hi Adrian,
TeamCity uses 3 colors:
- green: line is covered
- red: line is not covered
- yellow: line is partially covered (some of the statements in this line are covered, while others are not)

The fragment you've marked in the screenshot looks a bit confusing because catch block statements range overlaps with the enclosing lambda statement range.
The latter was executed while code the catch block wasn't.
This is definitely a subject for further improvements and we have a corresponding task in our backlog.


I am right in thinking that if a line contains both code that has been covered and code that hasn't, the whole line will get highlighted in yellow instead of a mixture of red and green?


Yes, you're right. Currently TeamCity has per-line source code highlighting.


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