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I have a system I would like to to analyse for coverage that consists of a web service and Windows service. I have a testing console application that makes HTTP requests to the web service, changing an underlying database, and the Windows service also acts upon that database.

What I would like to do is script dotCover in a batch file to include the DLLs used by the web service and the Windows service in the profiling.

I think there are 2 ways to do what I need.

1. Supply a list of DLLs on disk that should be profiled in the session triggered by my test application.

2. Profile the web service and the Windows service seperately in 2 sessions, then merge the results. This is less ideal than #1, but could work if I can start and stop the profiling of both from the batch file. I can't find any documentation on how to do this from the command line, only profiling of an exe. My needs are made more complex because the test application actually installs both the Windows service and web service in it's test initialization routines (that doesn't really need to be profiled).

Is this possible to do?



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Just to add, because the web service and Windows service are different applications to the test console app, currently running the tests in the console app from the Resharper unit test runner does not record any coverage information for them.


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Hi Andy,
If you use VS integration, there is the following option:
dotCover -> Cover Application -> .NET process.
This will analyse all .NET processes started after coverage session initialization.

It is also possible to merge two separate snapshots with console runner 'merge' command.
Some articles about console runner usage can be found on our .net tools blog:
Please let me know if you'll need additional info.

Also note that currently console runner can analyse only console applications.


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