Using relative paths in console runner parameter xml

Hey all,

I'm trying to automate coverage analysis for integration with CruiseControl.  I'm following the steps here:

But I have one problem.  When I use a relative path for my dll file and working directory, the exe isn't executing properly, and no coverage runs as a result.  But if I use the absolute path to the dll and working directory, everything works as expected.

Are my expectations incorrect on using the relative path, or should am I just messing something up here?




Actually, this might be due to a different reason.  I ran coverage using the dll from one of my testing projects from a bin directory which includes all dlls from my solution and it worked fine, but when I try the second set the coverage runner isn't working.  Running the unit tests works fine from inside visual studio and all of my tests pass, but when I try with the console runner all I get is coverage session started and ended.  It lasts about 12 seconds (I would be expecting 5 minutes if it were actually running the tests).

I'm not seeing any system exceptions in the event viewer.  Is there a verbose mode for the console runner?


Hello Dave,
Console runner allows to use relative paths.
In this case paths are relative to the console runner executable file location.
Unfortunately currently there is no way to get output from the application being analyzed, so there is no verbose mode.
Please let me know if you still have problems with configuration, I'll try to help you to resolve them.



Any news on this item?

I seem to be getting a related issue, as mentioned here:



Dave, Chris,
Please try our dotCover 1.1 EAP builds from
Console runner now shows output of the application being analysed, as well as its exit code.
Relative paths are made relative to the configuration files where they are defined.


Thanks for the update - although I have changed teams, but have passed this info onto my old team.



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