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I'm evaluating dotCoverSetup.  I like what I see but I noticed that when I double click on a method node in the coverage tree, it does not take me to method in the code editor.  I saw this on two computers, one with VS 2008 and another one with VS 2010.  In the "dotCover Overview" video on your website, it shows that double click works.  However, in that video there is also a ReSharper plugin which I don't plan on using.  Does the double click feature require ReSharper? (I hope not).  As a side note, it would be nice if it was possible to move through coverage results in the code editor with a user defined keystroke (with the tree keeping in synch).  If double click works on a tree, then I think the Enter key should work too.



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     dotCover requires ReSharper for double-click navigation because R# provides the necessary navigation information. Thank you!

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Thank you for responding.

In this case, if ReSharper is not installed, then the tree could get the information from the PDB file and assembly metadata.  Or you could copy and paste the necessary navigation code out of Resharper and put it in dotCover.  Going from the tree node to the source seems like the most obvious feature.  Every user that tries dotCover without ReSharper will attempt to do double click, right click or Enter key.



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Hello Bz,
Several improvements in this area are planned for the next major dotCover version.
It will contain navigation improvements, as well as the ability to run tests without ReSharper.


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