Coverage not displaying for one project


I'm using dotCover in VisualStudio2010 and running by tests using the resharper test runner.

My problem is that the coverage is not showing for one of my tested projects. The pdb files are there, my coverage filter is set to include everything and exclude nothing and 'Match coverage to project structure' doesn't make a difference. It seems to just be one project (out of 90-odd) that is experiencing the problem.

I've tried starting a new session as well and that didn't help.

Is there anything else I can try? I'm certain I've had coverage reports for this project in the past (although that was a few months ago when I was still on VS2008 and dotCover 1.0)



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Hello Ceri,
What is the type of the project you are missing?
Could you please send us your resulting snapshot and project name to with mentioning dotCover in the message subject?


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