Problems in getting started with library projects

I am trying to get started with dotCover and ran into a majot problem - at least for me.

I wanted to check coverage on an existing library project. And cannot get dotCover to do that.

I am also using TypeMock and NUnit.

In the TestRunner dotNet does not show nor R#6.

And clicking on the green dots in VS does not show dotCover.

When trying to cover the "Start Project" a library project is not displayed and all the other project types are not taking me anywhere.

Can someone help me there and give me some guidance how to start?

Thank'x very much, indeed!


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Hello Peter,
Please try dotCover 1.1.1 release from
It has full-featured support for ReSharper 6, all context actions you were looking for will be in place.

Regarding TypeMock:
dotCover 1.1.1 already has support for it from our side, but compatible TypeMock version is not yet publicly released.
So please follow the TypeMock news, to get latest info about integration.


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