dotCover not installing correctly. No menu.

I originally had Resharper 5 and dotCover 1.1 installed.  I updated both to trial versions of Resharper 6 (betas and RTM) and dotCover 1.1.1 EAP. I then uninstalled them both and went back to 5 and 1.1.  Now, I don't get any dotCover menus or integration in Visual Studio at all. Resharper works, but dotCover isn't there. I've uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times.  VS2010 Ultimate.


I uninstalled dotCover, then searched the Registry for "dotCover" and deleted any keys found.  Then I reinstalled dotCover.  This seemed to work.


Hello Robert,
Generally simple reinstall should work.
Additionally it is possible to try the following:
- run Visual Studio with /resetskippkgs parameter
- ensure that dotCover is not susspended (Tools->Options->dotCover->Suspend/Resume)


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