Running two test projects using only one config file


I have two test projects (two target dlls) under one solution, and I want to run the dotCover for both of them. Is it possible to run more than one test project using only one dotCover configuration file, I mean is it possible to run more than one targetargument using the same configuration file? I have tried to add more than one <targetarguments> tag, but dotCover uses only the last one to run the analysis.

Thanks for any answer!

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Hello Firas,
If you are using console runner, it is possible to specify only one target executable in one configuration file.
Options are the following:
- you can configure your test runner to execute tests from both assemblies
- you can perform several consequent coverage sessions and merge all of the results afterwards
- you can run unit tests from Visual Studio with ReSharper, dotCover has a good integration with it

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Hello Ruslan,

Thanks a lot for your answer.

Sorry, I was not clear enough: Yes. I am using the console runner. The problem actually was, that I wanted to integrate dotCover in the build, so that it runs all the tests automatically while creating the Build. I found the solution to this problem, and it was simpler than I thought :) ;):

It is possible to add more than a test in the tag <TargetArguments> by separating them with a blank, like <TargetArguments>c:\Tests\Test1.dll c:\Tests\test2.dll</TargetArguments>
The dotCover will run both tests and make only one result file.


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