Problem running IE6 with WebDev Application

Trying to run use dotCover on an ASP.NET IIS application running on the ASP.NET development server via the following steps

I select dotCover...Cover Application
Select Web Dev Application and configure source code location and ASP.NET development server settings

If I select Mozilla firefox as the startup browser then it all works as expected
If I select Internet Explorer the I get a dialogue displaying the following

Cannot start coverage analysis. Can't start application.  See below for more details.
The system cannot find the specified file.

This would suggest it is having issues running IE6?

There was no obvious place to configure/verify the browser path and executable(s)

Any sugestions (apart from not using IE6)


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Hello Paul,
Thank you for the feedback.
dotCover should work with the IE.
Could you please provide some info about your environment?
What is the windows version and exact IE version?
Which version of dotCover do you use?
dotCover log file will also help to investigate the issue.
(you can obtain it by running VS with the following key: /dotCover.LogFile path_to_the_log_file)
Please send it to the (dotCover should be mentioned in the message subject)
Thanks in advance!


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