Does dotCover support CoverageExclude attribute?

My project is currently using nCover and looking into replacing it with dotCover. We use CoverageExlude attribute to filter out certain sections of the code for coverage calculation.

Is there current support from dotCover to CoverageExclude? If not, will it will in furture releases?


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We're also using CoverageExclude attributes in code to exclude auto-generated code and found out that dotCover doesn't pay much attention to them :)
There are exclude filters but that seems to be not convient way to achieve the same result. Finally we moved auto-generated code to the separate assemblies and having no tests to cover them excludes them automatically. Not the right way, but it works.

We use the latest at this moment dotCover 1.1.1. I hope the guys will add support of CoverageExclude in the future.

Andrey Serebryansky
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Hell Wendy and Leonid

Please take a look at Thank you!

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