Can dotcover produce output file with source code line numbers?

Can dotcover produce a machine readable (xml, json, etc) output file that includes specific line numbers of covered lines in the code file?  This information is available in TeamCity's coverage reports but of course, that's html.  I'm trying to produced a report that bumps our git blame against the code coverage data to attribute coverage contributions to specific devs.  



Hi Josh,
Currently we have an XML report, but it doesn't contain such a detailed info.
I've filed a request for this in our tracker:
You are welcome to provide comments about the data you'd like to have.
Do you need ranges for all statements in the file with the flag indicating whether it was covered or not?
Or you'd like to aggregate this info for each line?


For my purposes, the data aggregated by line would be good enough.  If I had ranges for all statements like you said, I could certainly aggregate it myself.


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