Code coverage for UATs via TeamCity


I want to get code coverage for our UATs. Quite separate to our unit tests. The UATs are run as NUnit tests but they launch the application (WPF) and, via the .Net Automation Framework, click on buttons and check results, etc. When we run these we do not see any coverage for any of the production DLL (used by the application).

Any way we can do this?

Rob Smyth

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Hello Robert,

By default dotCover console runner performs coverage analysis for all processes which were started from the initial process.
So it should work for your case as well. If you don't get coverage results, you can check whether your production DLLs have PDBs or not.
If you run such tests from the Visual Studio, you'll get the results only for the test runner process itself.
This is one of the limitations of the per-test coverage analysis.

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