#578- General design: I always switch to Plain View

This is a general question about the design of dotrace.

The first thing I do is to switch to plain view, otherwise the result is useless. I do not see the point of the hotspot, because very seldom function with very big "own time" is the problem. The problem is normally that a whole call-tree should be done in a much more optimized way. Maybe there should be 2 hotspots: own and total.

Secondly, I have an ASP.NET application which some extra threads handling jobs and logging. These are delayed using Thread.Sleep. However, dotrace counts the Sleep time, so about 97% of my total time is spent in these extra threads. I think Thread.Sleep should be ignored.

P.s. Please fix the "remember sorting", I am tired of clicking on the total time column header all the time.


I'd like to second the request for Thread.Sleep time to be ignored.


Most of these issues will be fixed in 2.0.



State of this request was changed from "Submitted" to "Open"

Priority: Normal
Planned for version: Not for 1.1.x


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