Can't see coverage of anything but unit tests assembly

On the coverage results I can only see:

Symbol                                    Coverage
UnitTests   (a VS folder)              95%
MyUnitTestAssembly               95%

I used to see the assemblues that were being tested too.

Symbol                                    Coverage
UnitTests   (a VS folder)                           95%
MyUnitTestAssembly                            95%
Other Assemblies                        80%
Assembly 1                              80%
Assembly 2                              80%

This used to work back in dotcover 1.2.384.4 but I now notice it has stopped appearing. I have 2.0.425.54 now. I don't know if the update broke it or if I have turned something off. Can anyone help?

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I fixed my own problem.

There is an icon for "Build Settings", I can't insert image but it's a blue spanner and blue arrow over maybe a keyboard. I changed this from "Automatic" to "Automatic (Whole solution)" and now I see the coverage of the whole solution. I swear I didn't change it, maybe the default changed from one version to another, but whatever, works now.


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