Can I just see coverage for the one class I'm testing?

I hope I've not missed anything obvious.
I am testing one class. I want to know what the coverage on that one class is.
I'd like to run just the tests for that one class, and then switch to that class and see the coverage and get a % report of how much of that class is covered by the tests I've just written for that class.
But DotCover does not seem to have this ability?
While it shows highlighted covered lines, it only reports a % coverage for the entire solution - and not for just the class I'm testing.
Is there way to do what I need?

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Hello Panda,

To get coverage report for one class you can use coverage filters. To set up a new filter, please complete the following steps:
- open "Coverage Filters" dialog (menu "dotCover/Edit Coverage Filters")
- add a new filter, fill fields in the "Add Coverage Filter" dialog with the following values: analyze code in assembly *, class <your_class_name_with_namespace>, method *
- save changes in the "Coverage Filters" dialog and repeat your coverage analysis.

Please, let me know if you'll have any questions.


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