*solved* Issues with dotCover 2.1 and xunit


I'm using xunit for my unit tests and upgraded to the lastest dotCover, along with ReSharper 7.
I also installed the latest xunitcontrib (changeset 8663f9d9dd11 from 14.09.12) to put it all together.
So the plugins are recognized, loaded and displayed correctly in ReSharper and dotCover.

It mainly works with the exception of code coverage. Running the tests works fine from both testrunners, including debug tests, I get test results, errors etc just fine. However, if I try to run "Cover with dotCover", I get in the coverage window the message "Coverage analysis failed. No snapshots created".
In the output window, I get the message "Inconclusive: Test wasn't run" which explains why the coverage analysis failed.

But since both testrunners are able to run the "normal" unit tests, the xunitcontrib part seems to be working fine.
Any idea where the problem could be or how to dig into the problem, activating logfiles etc?


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So after lots of digging around in logfiles of ReShaper and Dotcover, I managed to resolve that issue.

In the ReShaper logfile, I finally found an exception which led me to this issue: http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/DCVR-3157 which in turn led to this entry in the knowledge base: http://confluence.jetbrains.net/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=46048096

In short, there were some ngen profiles on my development system, probably created by some other profiling tools which caused dotCover to fail. The details and workaround can be found in the above mentioned knowledge base article.
After removing those profiles, everything works again.

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Hi Andreas,

Thank you for the info!
Glad to hear that it works fine now.



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