How do I use the new style attribute exclusion filters with command line config files?

I am attempting to use the new style exclusion filters with attributes. I can configure these in solution files via Visual Studio, but I cannot find any information as to how I can use these with command line config files. All I can find is documentation about <ClassMask> & <ModuleMask> filters, nothing about attribute-based filtering. How do I do this from the command line?


Hi Clive,

This info is in the integrated console runner help (run "dotCover.exe help cover" for example) :

It is possible to specify part of the parameters or all of them in the configuration file.
usage: dotCover <configuration file name> [parameters]
Configuration file format:

     <TargetExecutable><!-- File name of the program to analyse. --></TargetExecutable>
     <TargetArguments><!-- Program arguments. --></TargetArguments>
     <TargetWorkingDir><!-- Program working directory. --></TargetWorkingDir>
     <TempDir><!-- Directory for the auxiliary files. Set to system temp by default. --></TempDir>
     <Output><!-- Path to the resulting coverage snapshot. --></Output>
     <InheritConsole><!-- Lets the application being analysed to  inherit dotCover console. 'true' by default. -->  </InheritConsole>

     <!-- Coverage filters. It's possible to use asterisks as wildcard symbols.
           <ModuleMask> Module mask. </ModuleMask>
           <ClassMask> Class mask. </ClassMask>
           <FunctionMask> Function mask. </FunctionMask>
     <!-- Attribute filters. It's possible to use asterisks as wildcard symbols.
       <AttributeFilterEntry> Attribute mask </AttributeFilterEntry>
         <ModuleMask> Module mask </ModuleMask>
         <ClassMask> Class mask </ClassMask>



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