Assemblies/namespaces with no coverage missing. Bug or Feature?

I am currently working on a larger project and found that namespaces with no unit tests touching them are excluded from the coverage-report. However they should be shown with 0 coverage.
Is there the any way to force dotCover to count any assembly in the project that is filtered out (by the coverage filter)?

Using dotCover 2.1.471.44 (Trial)

Thomas Kowalski

Hello Thomas,

For now dotCover doesn't have a possibility to get coverage info about the assemblies which weren't loaded during unit test execution. So such assemblies aren't included in the coverage report.
We already have a corresponding request in our tracker:
You are welcome to track its status, vote and comment.



Thanks for the fast and helpful answer. I voted for this issue to be fixed. In my opinion it's a really crucial bug, giving you false security. As a workaround I currently added a test to load all assemblies which fixed the issue:

        public void LoadAllAssemblies_ToDiscoverUntestedCode()
            var dirInfo = new DirectoryInfo(Directory.GetCurrentDirectory());            
            var dlls = dirInfo.GetFiles("*.dll", SearchOption.AllDirectories); 
            foreach (var dll in dlls) {
                var asm=  Assembly.LoadFile(dll.FullName);


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