re: Is there a tool that can be used to display the results of dotcover to Jenkins/Hudson

Hi All,

I'm new in using Dotcover and would like to ask for assistance, is there a tool that can be used to display the results of dotcover to Jenkins/Hudson?  Or can the results of dotcover can be displayed in Jenkins/Hudson.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

Ekaterina Solovova
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Hello Ray,

For now dotCover doesn't provide special tools for integration with Jenkins/Hudson. But you can use our console runner, generate a coverage report in any of the supported formats (xml, html, json, NDepend-compatible xml) and then convert it to some Jenkins-consumable format.

AFAIK, there is an open source tool cover2emma ( that can convert dotCover's xml-reports to Emma's xml format. So you could try to use this tool to convert dotCover's reports and then use converted results with Jenkins' Emma-plugin. But it seems that there's a known bug in cover2emma and it doesn't work fine with new dotCover's versions ( You can try to contact its author to get a fixed version.

Please let me know if you'll have any further questions.

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Thank you for the quick response, I did found the tool you mentioned and I will look into it.


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