Manually configure reporting coverage with DotCover and TeamCity


I am trying to use dotcover with no sucees:

I created a build with Command Line runner, this command line lauch a python script which launch automatic tests,

this python script lauch dotcover at the beginning of automatic tests with this command:

C:/BuildAgent/tools/dotCover/dotCover.exe cover /TargetExecutable=PathwayrToTestedApplicationExecutable /Output=LocalOutputPathway /Filters="+:MyProduct"


automatic test are run


tested application is normaly closed

dotCover snapshot is produced

Then I  used the following command to send the snapshot to teamcity and thus get back code coverage information:

##teamcity[importData type='dotNetCoverage' tool='dotCover' path='LocalOutputPathway']

But teamcity display this message error:

There is no .NET Coverage report generator for type 'dotCover'. Skipped files: [D:\MyBackup\TC_AutomaticTests\TestComplete_WorkingDir\TC_AutomatedTestsCoverage.dcvr]

No code coverage is calculated.

I would like to understand what is my problem,

I use TeamCity 7, and dotCover Console Runner v2.0.425.62.




Hello Heloise,

Please try to use small letters in the tool-key: tool='dotcover'.

Best regards.


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