Coverage for IIS application from command-line tool

I am using dotCover to test the code coverage of my IIS application.

This works fine from visual studio 2010, by selecting "Cover Application" and then "IIS application" from the dotCover menu.

However, I have not found a way to do the same in the dotCover command line application. Does anyone have an idea if this is currently possible?

kind regards,



+1 That would be extremly useful for CI


I am looking for dotCover command line IIS application support.


Hello TJ, Pawel and Vorun!
Thank you for your interest to the product.
Currently it is possible to perform only coverage analysis of the standalone applications from the command line.
We have plans to extend set of features available from the console.
Please follow our blog to get info about latest updates


It's good to see you guys work on this feature !


Has command line support for IIS applications made it onto your future enhancements list?
If so, is there an ETA?
We just recently started using dotCover, and this is a feature that would be really useful to help measure coverage as part of integration testing, as the GUI only restriction limits my ability to enforce code cover metrics at that level.


Hi Lance,

This feature is on our roadmap, but currently there is no ETA for it.
I've opened a feature request in our bug-tracker and you're welcome to track its status, vote and comment:



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