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I'm sure this is a newbie question, but I have not found a specific solution. I have several snapshots, and when I export them individually to HTML, I get the full display complete with the links to the code views. However, when I merge the snapshots into a single snapshot, then run the report command, or open the merged snapshot and export, the HTML sets all of the code links as unclickable. Any suggestions on what I've done wrong? Other than this small issue, and the fact that the generated scripting takes a while to render/run in the HTML view, this has proven a great tool... Oh, and the merged snapshot does not render the color highlighting for me in VS, while the individual snapshots work fine...




Hello Michael,

I'm sorry for the delayed answer!
The problem that you describe could occur in case if you have changed the paths to your source files before running the report command for the merged snapshot or opening it. Could it be that you have moved your source files to a new folder? Or that you work with the initial snapshots and the merged one on different machines where the paths to the source files are different? When dotCover builds a report it searches for the source files in the same paths that were used during compilation of your code for coverage analysis. Also dotCover doesn't highlight source code if the paths to the source files have been changed since compilation.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Best regards.


That is most likely the case. We have several developers working on this project, and I was getting their individual snapshots and merging them with mine before generating the report... Is it at all possible to modify the dcvr files from other machines to match the project location on one machine? I noticed the xml at thetop of the files includes a "PhysicalPath" attribute, but I am going to assume the binary portion also incorporates the project path, as well?

Very helpful response, either way! Thank you!


Hello Michael,

Unfortunately there is no way to modify paths in dcvr files. We have an issue concerning your case in our tracker: You are welcome to track its status, vote and comment.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Best regards.


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