Metro UI App support

Поддерживает ли DotCover 2.0 тестирование Metro UI приложений? Если нет, планируется ли их поддержка в ближайшее время?
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Hello Maxim,
dotCover 2.0 doesn't support metro UI applications.
Currently we have a prototype of this feature.
After additional testing it will be included into one of the next releases.

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I am evaluating DotCover 2.2,  what is the status for Metro UI App support ?

Specifically, I want to have coverage of a "Unit Test Library (Windows Store apps)" project, using vstest.console as a test runner, to enable it in our CI setup.

Best regards,

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Hi Kurt,

Thank you for contacting us.
dotCover can cover Windows Store app and unit tests in VS 2012.
dotCover console runner doesn't have support for Windows Store unit tests.
Here's a corresponding feature request in YouTrack:
You're welcome to vote for it and monitor its status.



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