All dotcover buttons does not run tests except "cover all tests"

It does not matter from where I try to run tests from the VS gutter or from Unit Test Sessions dotcover window. In all cases I face the same behavior: Run All Tests, Run Unit Tests, Debug Unit Tests do not run tests. At the same time "Cover" commands run tests properly.
As to R# settings, in R# "Enable Unit Testing" is disabled, as well as NUnit and MSTest support. As to dotcover options, "Enable Unit Testing" is enabled, as well as MSTest support and NUnit support is disabled.

My tests rely on MSTest framework. Restart of VS does not help as well as solution rebuild. If I want to debug a separate unit test I can not(((


Hi Ilya,

Could you please specify which versions of dotCover,ReSharper and Visual Studion do you use?

  • VS2012 Premium Version 11.0.60315.01 Update 2
  • R# 7.1.1000.900 Full Edition
  • dotCover 2.2.515.8 Full Edition


Microsoft made some changes in MSTest Unit Test  Runner API between Update 1 and 2, and that is the reason of why dotCover 2.2 and ReSharper  7.1.1 do not support running MSTests in Update 2.
There are 2 workarounds:
- update to ReSharper 7.1.3 and use its unit test runner: try the latest dotCover 2.5 EAP build, it also supports Update 2:



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