highlighting not working when profiling a service

My system under test is a Windows Service. To run dotCover, I first stop my service, then use DotCover menu -> Cover Application Windows Service and select my service.  I leave "Start profiling immediately" checked. I click Run, and dotCover starts my service for me.  I then run a stand-alone NUnit instance to run my tests (which are in a separate solution).  Once the tests are complete I click Get Snapshot.  In Covereage Results Browser I see the percentages for my coverage, but in the code iteself I don't see any highlighting.  I tried clicking the Highlight Code button several times on and off and it still does not highlight.

(By contrast if I use dotCover in another solution [not a service] that has tests in the same solution and start dotCover by right-clicking the project and click "Cover unit tests with dotCover", I do see code highlighting.)

How can I get the code to highlight in my service.

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