Code Coverage using White.Core for unit testing WPF applications


When I use the MSTest runner and analyze code coverage on a unit test that uses White.Core for automation testing of a wpf application it properly analyzes and shows me the coverage.

When i use DotCover 2.5 and Resharper 8 (This also did not work in DotCover 2.2 and Resharper 7.1.3) and run the same test with code coverage it does not do the coverage correctly.  It correctly covers normal tests but code that is executed via the White application does not.

Is there a setting or something that i am missing that enables this?  Does this capability just not exist?  I really want to use resharper for running unit tests exclusively but when i need to see coverage for the wpf ui tests using White.Core i have to switch to the mstest runner and i cannot see the full coverage of the application unless i run all coverage in the mstest runner.


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