How to include modules that aren't covered by tests?

We're using dotCover 2.2. along with MsTest to do unit tests code coverage. We're using filters to get reports only on the modules within our solution (basically to avoid including 3rd party modules in the reports). Everything is done on our build host in command line so we use the very handy argument /Filters (ex: /Filters="+:MyModule1;+:MyModule2")

This works just fine, however, we are now looking for a way to list modules that haven't been loaded in memory by the tests. The reasoning behind this is that we should have the complete picture of the code coverage provided by our unit tests. Let's say the whole solution includes about 20 modules and unit tests cover only 13 of those at the moment. The current reports we are getting are a percentage of those 13 modules, we are still lacking the remaining 7 modules in the count.

I can't find a way to "force" an untested module into the report. Perhaps we're looking at the problem the wrong way?

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Hi Frederic,

We already have such a feature request in our tracker:
You are welcome to track its status, vote and comment. Also, in comments you can find some sort of workaround.



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