How to use the dotcover console runner for .NET (IIS) applications


I've been introduced to dotcover, thru the use of a Windows standalone application. The last step was focusing on starting an analysis from outside of Visual Studio, by running the console runner, and giving the .exe file as an argument.

Now, I would like to run the same discovery but with a .NET Application which runs upon an IIS Server. Using the Cover Application from within Visual Studio allows me to select an application of type .NET and to provide the URL as an argument. But I would like to be able to do this from outside of Visual Studio, as if it were a standalone Windows application. I could not make it work with the URL (ie http://localhost/xxx) in the /TargetExecutable parameter.

So how can I 'cover' a .NET Application via the console runner, and also how can I start/stop profiling from the command line?


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Hi Alexis,

Currently, dotCover console runner has support only for Windows standalone apps.
Sorry for the inconvinience.



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