Inconclusive: Test wasn't run in dotCover 2.5


since today I get the "Inconclusive: Test wasn't run" message on all of my tests when I try to cover them in VS 2012 and VS 2010 (both with dotcover's builtin Nunit 2.6.2).
The tests are running normally when I execute them with Resharper in VS 2012 (Resharper 7.1).

Is there any solution to solve that in dotCover 2.5? I just found solutions for dotCover 2.2 and smaller and got the impression that this was fixed in 2.5?

What's also strange is when I right click on my cs-File where the test is implemented and click on "cover tests with dotcover" it says that there are no tests in the file. But in the file itself there are the icons for running/debugging/covering the tests...



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