Multiple report types? TeamCityXml and NDependXml

We've using both the TeamCity functionality for running dotCover, and would like to pump the coverage results into NDepend too.

To do this, we need to set ReportType in coverage.xml to NDependXml. However, then TeamCity can't do anything with the output.

Is there a way to get both the reports generated without having to re-run all our tests twice through dotCover?



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That's would be really great!


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Currently if coverage analysis is enabled for the configuration, TeamCity publishes coverage snapshot info artifacts (.teamcity/.NETCoverage/dotCover.snapshot)
It is possible to pass this snapshot to the bundled dotCover console runner and execute 'report' command to generate additional report of the desired type.

Besides that we have TeamCity feature request which aims to simplify the above mentioned process.
You are welcome to vote for it and comment.


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Thanks Ruslan. It works perfectly!

I just need an update of NDepend, which should arrive today to be able to feed it with the dotcover report which was generated!

As a recap, but I will blog about it soon, I have

  • a first feature branch build which generate dotCover snapshot, so code coverage is displayed as a result of this build
  • a second NDepend build watching changes on the dependencies of the first build and getting back the dotCover.snapshot and the result of the first build (.exe, .dll..). This build is composed of build steps
    1. Command line dotCover which use dotCover.snapshot to generate the report in NDependFormat
    2. Command Line NDepend which use generated file in step 1 and all artifacts from first build
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That's great!
Thanks Laurent!


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