Postanalysing coverage


I'm totally new to dotCover and evaluating the feasibility to integrate dotCover in our development process. On top of what dotCover provides out-of-the-box we 'd like to do some post analysis on coverage information. In our organisation we have different projectleaders being responisble for several dlls (projects) in the solution. So after a dotCover run I'd like to extract the dll/%coverage info and relate this to the projectleaders responsible to measure progress. But we need to do it in an automated way, this means without manual interference of clicking the 'export to ...' button, selecting a type and target and than launching some post processing app or script. We'd rather have it scheduled to run a scripts on a dayly basis which executes a 'dotCover report source=? ReportType=JSON' and next launches the app.

We 'd like to use this same script as a separate build step in TeamCity.

So my question basically is: how and where can I find the snapshot to use for reporting into a JSON format,since it doesn't seem to generate one (*.dcvr) on my system.

Just pointing me out to some reading which explains it all would also help.

Thanks for your time.



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