Coded UI test coverage from VS2012 using resharper test runner


I'm running coded UI tests on TeamCity and from my PC. TeamCity uses the bundled dotCover. I have dotCover installed on my PC. When I download the snapshot coverage file from TeamCity I see the code coverage. But when I run the tests, from the Resharper test runner, I only see coverage for assemblies directly used by the test code. Nothing for the application under test.

These tests are NUnit based and work by launching the application at the start of each test and operate the application via Microsoft's automation framework. So the application under test runs as a separate process.

How do I get the same coverage as TeamCity is getting?

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Maria Serebryansky
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Hello Robert,

I'm terribly sorry for such delay. If you still experience the problem, could you please perform the following check: run tests via dotCover console runner on your PC, compare them with coverage results from TeamCity?

Kind regards,


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