How to get a HTML coverage report for a Windows Store App from the command line?


See subject, it seems as though this is not currently possible. As I've read in the thread ...

... the dotCover command line does not work when the TargetExecutable is vstest.console.exe and one of the TargetArguments is /InIsolation. It seems both are required to test appx containers from the command line.

Is there any other way to automate the generation of a HTML coverage report for appx test containers?



Hello Andreas,

Sorry for the delay in replying. You are right, this is not possible right now and there is no other way to get HTML coverage report in such cases.

Kind regards,



After 2 years, is there any luck that Universal Windows App are supported for running command line generating html/Json coverage report?



Hi Amos,

Unfortunately Universal Windows Apps are still not supported by dotCover's console runner.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


dotCover works running in VS, can you roughly explain how come it works and console runner doesn't?

I'm thinking whether it is possible to work around it and use some way to invoke dotCover the way it executes in VS.

Many Thanks!


Hi Amos,

Unfortunately there is no workaround for this issue now.

In VS dotCover starts "regular" and WinStore applications differently - there are some additional actions that are required in order to start a WinStore application under profiling (dotCover uses run-time profiling in order to perform coverage analysis).


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