Is there a provision to merge two ".dcvr" snapshot files ?


Can we merge two dot cover snapshot files (.dcvr format) that are generated with manual testing of application that doesn't have any n-unit or other test cases ?

I tried to use the "merge" command line option for ".dcvr" files, but it clearly says xml parse error. I even tried exporting them to xml and creating a merge configuration xml file and tried out. So it says that merging cannot be applied on normal snapshots ?

If there is a way to merge two ".dcvr" files, please tell me the complete steps.

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Hello Prasad,
dotCover allows to merge .dcvr files from command line.

You can use a command similar to the following:

dotCover merge /Source=snapshot1.dcvr;snapshot2.dcvr /Output=snapshot3.dcvr

Additional info is available here:

Since version 3.0 it is possible to merge snapshots from Standalone runner and Visual Studio.


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